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The preparation for a photo shoot requires a personal interview. This is to remove ambiguity and conditioning.

Here are a few notes that are essential to prepare for a photo shoot. The comments are based on my experience and on the way I know how I capture and reproduce the emotions.


  • Be in harmony with yourself, feel happiness and inner satisfaction


  • Be gentle with yourself and those around you.


  • Be yourself and leave everyday worries behind you.


  • Get enough sleep, relax. Start doing this a few days-nights before.


  • Dress mainly with clothes that you feel comfortable in, no experiments. Dress how you feel and not how others want to see you. This also applies to make-up and hair design. Unless otherwise discussed in this regard. Have specific thoughts a few days in advance and try out clothes, make-up and hair styling.


  • Prepare and lay out the clothes the night before the photo shoot. If the photo shoot takes place in the afternoon or at dusk, put the clothes ready first thing in the morning.


  • Also have some accessories ready.


  • Treat yourself to breakfast or lunch before the photo shoot.


  • Let your family or friends serve you and drive you, it's your day, your photo shoot.

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